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Animal Sounds & Names

A simple learning experience for your young child.

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  • About the App

    Lubele is a FREE mobile app available for Android Phones, Tablet, iPhone, and iPad, that was created to help young children — babies, infants, toddlers or preschoolers — learn the names, pronunciation and sounds of 120 animals through beautiful illustrations with vivid colors, playful animations, and sound effects using simple gestures like tap and swipe.

    Kids can save their favourite animals and use their emotions to learn about the animals by tapping on emojis like friendly, scary, ugly, cute, funny, serious, active, or sleepy.

    The animals are split into 23 creative groups, organized by areas of easy comprehension for kids:

  • Animal Classes: Mammals, Reptiles, Insects, and Birds
  • Geographical location: African, American, Australian, and Eurasian
  • Attributes: Fast, Slow, Large, and Small
  • Habitat: Arctic, Desert, Rain Forest, Forest and Water
  • Other Types: City, Farm, Pets, Wild, Magical , and Dinos

  • About us

    Thanks for stopping by. The story behind the creation of this app will certainly make you appreciate it even more.

    Since 2010 when I became a father, I realized that technology can be extremely helpful in giving our children an engaging way of learning. The problem is that a 2-year-old has no idea where they are clicking and this can be dangerous. That’s why I decided to create this App. A safe place where you can let your child learn and have fun without any concern about privacy, the need for internet, annoying Ads nor undesired in-app purchases while you can have a nice dinner with your spouse or at your friend's place.

    Lubele stands for the combination of my 3 kids' names: Lucas, Bella and Leo. During the production of this app, the part that my kids loved the most was when we recorded the animal words - specially Bella and Leo. These 2 kids were competing to see who would record more animals... LOL

    I hope your kids enjoy this app as much as my kids do. If you have feedback for me or wish to complete a review on the App Store or Google Play, I will be very grateful.

    Or, if you just want to say hi, drop me a line .